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Hello and welcome to Flow MC, a server that's transforming every day with more custom features, as the day goes by. we'd all like to thank you all for joining us and making Flow a great server, and an awesome community for old and new players to come hang out or play, and without you all we wouldn't be a thriving network. I'd also like to thank all the new staff members for our team. @GalacticHiker, @Limit, Mr.Fiquration and Ms.Fiquration, congrats them all for joining our team, and helping us create a  better server for all of you. As per recent polls, you guys decided on Minigames and TownyE to be the next game modes to be released, and we'd like to say we will be hoping to provide both of those really soon, so keep an eye out for that, and we all hope to see you on the server.